Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Imperial Palace and Ride Club

On Thursday and Friday, my week took a turn for the better. Christine and I explored the city, got lost, ate lunch at a train station and took a tour of the Imperial Palace!
In the palace, we got to see the Imperial Silver Collections, the Sisi Museum and the Imperial Apartment. It was soo beautiful! There was floor to ceiling fabric in brilliant red and gold colors. The Imperial silver collection had everything from precious glass, silver, and gold to hand painted porcelain that used to be used to feed guest numbering 1000+.
That night, my friend Yahya and his friends from back home took us to their favorite club called Ride Club. We had to wait out in the freezing cold, while it was snowing for about 45 min. Once inside, I felt like I had time traveled back to middle school or early high school. The DJ was playing music from Usher and Nelly. He also played some Michael Jackson...surprisingly, no one had heard the "Billy Jean" song. I about died! :D The club closed around 5AM...but dont worry, I left by around 2:30AM...but still it was soo late.

OK side note ---> One of my best friends just got engaged!!!! Congrats!!! <3>

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