Saturday, February 28, 2009

Prosit! A vortre sante! Eis Igian! Salud! CHEERS!

What a week, what a week, what a week! I can honestly say that not one time this week did I feel homesick. My awesome week started last Sunday! One of my bestest friends and sorority sister called me on MSN to announce her engagement! I was/am so excited for them! Matt and Kristin - Congrats!!!!!!
Monday was kinda boring. I went to the Austrian bank to open a bank account. Most of the day was rainy, so when I got there I was soaked to the bone!But I still looked cute! The guy at the bank that helped me, asked if I wanted to hang out with him. He was probably 23 or 24. I told him to ask me the next time I came in. lol :D at the bank, I had to provide proof of my residence here in Austria. I handed him the paper and he started typing some random street that I had never heard of. I was so shocked! That meant that I was registered to the wrong place. If the government found out...I would be shipped home!! So after i got my acount set up, Christine and I went back to the government place again. Only to find out that I have 2 address here. so just about everything I do, I have to re-learn how to do it. Its kinda stressfull, but at the same time its exciting. After I finally got everything straightened out, christine and I walked up and down her street for what seemed like 4 hours. We went into every shop and looked around...just killing some time and trying to stay dry. One of the places we went into was like a glorified Long John Silver. I guess it was ok...I had my first ounce and a half of coke haha the cans were sooo tiny!
On tuesday, I met my buddy, Andrea, for the first time. She met me at school and we kinda worked through my classes together. I found out that one of them had already started way back in January. I went to the class anyways and spoke with the prof and he decided to let me and 4 other international students join the class at that time. We just have to write a paper on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). ha that will be easy....(not)
I did meet Josh (from FL/CA), Vincent and Alexandre from France and Christine is in my class too!
Wednesday, I dont think, at least I dont remember doing anything....I might have stayed in bed for most of the day. I do know that I am planning a trip with Jordon to a day spa!! How awesome will that be? We found this natural hot spring place just outside of Vienna. He is going to fly down from his school somewhere in the UK for the weekend! And when we arent relaxing in the spa, I'm going to show him Vienna to the best of my ability!
Thursday was when my week really picked up! At 9AM (about 3AM for all you back in the States) I had to be awake and at BOKU for our first orientation session...and of course...I was late :D Thank goodness Christine saved me a seat! Basically, we sat in a beautiful room and listen to 2 women speak between English and German for 3 hours over the information that we had been sent a few weeks ago...kinda boring. When it was over, the tiny blonde haired girl turned around and in perfect English asked if we were from America. I thought she was a "valley girl" from California...turns out she is Canadian! Her name is Alycia! She is one of those people that is the bond between all different kinds of people. We somehow managed to find all the American students for the tour. there are 2 girls from Michigan State (Amanda and Michelle) a guy from University of Arizona (Mike) one girl from Wisconsin State (Selena) Josh is from Florida, Christine is from IN and Purdue like me, Allyson and Paul are from Cornell. Allyson is also a sister in my sorority! :D Zach is from some school in Georgia, and 2 more that i forget their names or where they are from.
But anyways we went on a tour of campus, in the rain of course. Later that night, I went out! We went to a party in the dorms where some of the kids stayed. It was really interesting to see how different things are here as opposed to purdue. Like, there are no RAs, kids can smoke and drink at the BAR in the hall!!!! There is noone controlling anything!
After the hall party, we headed to an irish pub called Charlie P's. Ummmm...I really didnt like it. It was really smoky and the DJ only played German music.
The next day, Friday, BOKU provided a tour guide for all who was interested and we hit the streets of Vienna! They took us around the inner city and told us about parts of history that even the history books don't teach!
Later that night, BOKU again provided us with an authentic Viennese dinner at a wine tavern! We got to sample all sorts of interesting dishes. I did try some of everything (except the sourcrout) and it all was DELICIOUS!!!! After the dinner, we all sat and mingled with each other. There were so many different cultures coming together. People from all over the world came to study at the same uni that I am.

All in all, this week was soo much better than last. I just needed to go out and make some friends.
I just wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful comments on Facebook and guys keep the smile on my face!
Until next time!!! <3

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