Sunday, March 15, 2009

Short and Sweet about 1AM right now and I cant sleep. This is not due to misfortune or bad feelings, but to an overflow of joy! I just want everyone to know what an incredible week I have had! This post is going to be very short - so bare with me and I will write more later.
First, my package from Casey came on Wednesday! It was filled with all kinds of American food: Oreos, Mac and Cheese, hot chocolate, rice crispies, pop tarts, chocolate, pencils, post its and PURDUE decorations!
Then, the next day, my roommate's friend George, shared with me the last 4 episodes of LOST!!!! needless to say, there was no going out or doing homework that night! I was glued in front of my computer for hours!!!Then it was the weekend...see, I dont have classes on FRIDAY!!!! I slept most of the day due to my late night viewings of Lost. I got up around 2 and then sat and worked on hw for the rest of the day. Around 6, I met up with christine and Amanda at InterSpar! I bought the cutest pair of heels for 10EUR! Then we finished grocery shopping and got the fixins for some tacos! I will have to say that it was the best tacos I have had in a very long time! We also bought chips and salsa to top it off! That night, we met up with some other Americans and headed out to the Erasmus party. Erasmus is what europeans are called if they study abroad. It would be the equivilant of being called an out of state student in America, except obviously they are in a totally different country.On the way to this party, we got lost! We walked around Vienna for about an hour before we gave up and found a taxi to take us the rest of the way --> turned out to be about 3 blocks away :/ During the wanderin, we came across one of those penny machines that you ride at the supermarket! I had to get a pic!!!! We had a good time and danced the night away! Sunday morning, I woke up early and met up with Debbie and Jim and visited their church. It was alot different than Indian Creek but I think I will like it. As far as differnces go - its night and day. Going from a church of thousands to a church of 20 and drums and guitars to a piano and hymnal, I'm in for another cultural shock. Hopefully this time, there wont be tears and desperate pleas to come home :D. Later that day I met up with some Austrian friends for a tradional Austrian Sunday meal. For 10EUR I got what is on the plate below, an authentic Stiegl beer and live entertainment. Aside from the sourkrout, it was delicious!!! The rest of the day we walked around the rainy Vienna. Of course, I made it home to watch the 8:30 (3:30 USA eastern time) tip off of the PURDUE BOILERMAKERS!!!!! I watched it via Skype :D They are now the Big Ten Champs!!! (just in case you didnt know) And when that was over I streamed the live selection show. How amazing is it that 7 Big Ten teams (and Butler) made it to the dance this year???
That was the basic highlights of my week! Now, I'm off to bed to dream of March Madness and PURDUE BASKETBALL! BOILER UP!

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