Sunday, March 29, 2009

Take the good with the bad

So to begin, I would like to apologies for taking so long to update my blog. I know it has been about 2 weeks....but nothing really was worth writing about. My mom has been bugging me about my classes, so i guess I can use this space to describe what it is like to go to University in Europe. The best way to start off is to tell you that it is way different! Technically, you never have to go to class. If you want a grade for a class, all you have to do is show up to the final. There are hardly any classes where mandatory attendance exist, there is no homework and there are no text books. That is unless you are taking Managerial Economics, Global Networking, Policies of the European Union, or National and International Food Safety Authorities. So basically 4 of my 9 classes are not standard European classes and I get the privilege of doing homework while everyone else goes out. ok..its not that bad...but I do have alot of homework. For my National and International Food Safety seminar, we met twice- on Thursday and Friday from 8:30AM to 2:30PM. We meet again at the very end of June to present our home countries food safety policies. So basically I have to present an hour power point presentation over the USDA and FDA. Woo this will be fun! My managerial economic class is kinda a pain too. I am the only international student in the class and the professor wanted to make it a german class but since i was in the class, he had to keep it in English. Need less to say, I think he has a grudge on me. I always get called on to do the hard problems on the board (I never know the answer too) and he just isnt nice to me. We always have so much homework in that class. Its like taking Mico and Macro Economics, Financial Planning, Customer Relationship Management and Theories of Business Strategies all in one! That exam is going to be hard. My Global Networking class is by far my favorite class! We do video conferences with schools in the USA, Italy, France and Japan. Our class itself, is comprised of all different nationalities. There are French guys, Austrian guys and girls, Americans, a Russian, and a girl from French Gui....something that i cant remember. During class we truly get a global perspective on how different countries do things. One of our "homework" assignments was to go to the Naschtmarkt (basically a huge farmers market) and buy ingredients to make a international dinner. I made overnight salad (7 layer salad) which was a huge hit! There were other things such as Austrian soup and apple studdle (sp), Thia Curry, French Cheese (yuck). The day started at around noon and I did not get home till around 8PM that night! I dont really remember what all i did last weekend or this past week. I did kind freak out and threaten to pack up and come home. My computer is slightly gaining a mind of its own. The screen doesn't work sometimes so I spent the better half of the week borrowing my roommates computer, taking mine in to the IT department at BOKU (my school) and have them run diagnostics on it and having Dell do the same. After about 4 "professional opinions" we concluded that there is wire loose somewhere from my hard drive to the screen - the part that makes it light up. There is a man at my church here, Jim, who works for the US Embassy as their computer tech guy and he is going to run my problem by some of the guys there to see about getting sometime to fix my computer. In the mean time, Debbie and Jim are going to see if i can borrow a monitor from their school so i can have something reliable here to work on! Thank God for all the amazing connections He has placed around me here! I just dont know what I would do with out them! Yesterday was the first beautiful day of spring that Vienna has seen! I was able to meet up with Mike and my roommate Milica to climb 343 stairs to the top of St. Stephan's Cathedral! The air was so clean and you could see for miles! Its hard to determine how large of a city Vienna really is until you can see it from a birds view!
This week is my last week of classes for awhile. In Europe, students get 3 week during the month of April off. During this time, I will try to get to Rome and Prague and maybe some small cities with in Austria. I would like to travel some more, but unfortuantly, I have a 5 page paper to write at some point. :(
Until next time...

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