Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Arrival of Spring

For about 2 weeks now, Vienna has been the place to be. We have had a temperature range or 65-75 degrees every day! There are flowers in bloom and people spending the days in the parks or just out taking walks. Since this week is one of my 3 weeks allowed for spring break, I am taking it easy and enjoying the beautiful weather. During the day, I take a towel and go out to our porch and sun bathe! In the evening when the sun starts to set, I head out for a new spot! Taking a walk at sunset is probably the most Austria thing I do every day. It is the way of life here. On my list of things to do, I still have to go to the Prater Ferris Wheel and Weinerwald (Vienna Woods). Those will probably have to wait till after my trip to Rome and Prague! I leave Monday evening to take a night train to Rome. I will stay there with my old roommate Francesca for about 4 days then head back here to Vienna to work on some laundry and enjoy the nice weather. Then, after church on sunday, I will get on another train and make my way to Prague to see my sister Barbie! Barbie was an exchange student that lived with my family for a year back when i was in highschool. I havent seen her in about 3 years so this is going to be a wonderful week! I am planning on spending about 5 days in Prague then we are travelign to her home city about 2 hours away and we will stay at her house with her mom and her brother.
That is really the extent of my Easter Holiday plans. Once May and June roll around, i might try to get a group together to visit Munich, Athens, Salzburg and a couple more places. After all, I cant spend a semester in Europe and only visit 2 cities!

For the last 2 weeks, our laundry machines have been broken. Fortunately, one of my flatmates had a friend who was willing to help us with our laundry. She and her brother took our laundry home for a weekend (now remember, I had to send every piece of clothing that was dirty with them because i didnt know when the machines here would get fixed.) We sent them away on Friday and I didnt have any thing to wear till Sunday afternoon. Basically, I spent the whole weekend taking a nap and watching tv in my PJs :D Then, when the guy, Mladen, brought our clothes back, he asked to go to dinner with him. Of course I wasnt going to say no! He was a cute Serbian boy. He took me to this nice Italian restaurant and we had pizza and wine! It was such a nice evening. Funny thing, you know how some people get into a habit of dating the same type of guy or physically and characteristicly the same type of guy, well I swear he was the spitting image of this guy I dated last May. It was scarry how similar they are, yet they are so different. He bought me flowers too!!!
It was nice to experience a "date" while here in vienna. :D

To night, I am meeting with this guy named Martin, who will be studying at Purdue in the fall. Christine and I will meet with him and talk about classes and what to expect when studying in America....and more specifically West Lafayette, IN :D

Until next time....82 days left :D

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